Results of the 2008 London Chess Club Teams Tournament

January 7, 2009

There were 4 Teams that competed in the 2008 Team Tournament.
1. The Dark Horses:
BD1. Team Captain Steve Demmery
BD2. Bill Van Der Velde
BD3. Adam Phares
BD4. Steve Killi
BD5. Young Zhou

2. The Chess X-Ray Unit
BD1. Team Captain Kelly Riley
BD2. Kevin Gibson
BD3. Hugo Ortiz
BD4. Vassily Zolotovski
BD5. Tina Fang

3. The Fischer Kings
BD1. Team Captain David Jackson
BD2. Matt Morabito
BD3. Dan Grinbergs
BD4. Mike Matisko
BD5. Vilmos

4. Johnny Gray and Friends
BD1. Team Captain Carl Ehrman
BD2. Richard Glew
BD3. Emilio Hong
BD4. Mike Glasser
BD5. Tony Dandridge

The Chess X-Ray Unit = 74.5 Points
The Dark Horses = 63.5 Points
Johnny Gray and Friends = 58.5 Points
The Fischer Kings = 55.5 Points

Congratulations to the Chess X-Ray Unit.

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