Todd Southam Memorial 2017 – Final Results

August 25, 2017

Congratulations to Tony Bao for winning clear First with 5.5/6 Points !!
Coming in second is John Zoccano with an impressive 5/6 score.
Then Under 1600 there was a 3 way tie between Lorne Gula, Dan Moorehouse, and Alfredo Deras.
Congrats to all the players for some exciting chess!!

Tony Bao (5.5/6)
John Zoccano (5/6)
Richard Glew (3.5/6)
Jose Prem (3/6)
Lorne Gula (3/6)
Dan Moorehouse (3/6)
Alfredo Deras (3/6)
Bryan Morgan (2.5/6)
John Hush (2.5/6)
Don Armstrong (2/6)
Hugo Ortiz (1.5/6)
Steve Killi (1.5/6)

Report by TD and Organizer, Steve Demmery
Posted by Jim K.


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